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We are here to assist you with all your lifetime planning needs from a properly drawn up Will, to setting up and administering your Lasting Power of Attorney, mitigating your Inheritance Tax liability and setting up and administering lifetime Trusts.

A properly drawn up Will can save your loved ones a great deal of emotional distress and expense at what is already a very difficult time. A Will can also achieve significant Inheritance Tax savings and prevent possible disputes in the future if drawn up correctly.

We can prepare and register a Lasting Power of Attorney for you so you can appoint someone to act on your behalf when you are unable to look after your own property and financial affairs or make decisions about your healthcare needs.

If someone loses mental capacity and does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney we can prepare the necessary paperwork for you to apply for a Deputyship Order through the Court of Protection which will allow you to deal with the property and financial affairs, and in some cases make welfare decisions on behalf of the mentally incapacitated person.

We can prepare and administer lifetime trusts and settlements for individuals or families on a range of estate planning issues including mitigation of Inheritance Tax, to protect family wealth and safeguarding family businesses.


If you are involved in a dispute you need support from an experienced professional who can examine the facts, analyse the evidence and discuss the potential outcomes of the dispute with you so that you can decide how you would like it resolved. You need expert advice and clear information about costs so that you can decide how to proceed.

At Start Point Law we can advise you about the many different options available to resolve disputes including alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation and the use of pre-action protocols. Sometimes, there is no choice but to pursue court proceedings, and we are experienced with litigation and will guide you through the court process. If proceedings have been issued against you, we will help you prepare your defence.

We specialise in advising clients who are involved in probate disputes. These disputes include a variety of problems that can arise from the administration of an estate, such as a claim against an executor, claims for a larger share of the assets and challenges to the validity of a Will.

Disputes that arise in relation to property are often hard fought, your property is probably your most valuable asset. Property claims can be wide and varied and whether your problem has arisen from a boundary dispute, breach of covenant, misrepresentation, or because you want to claim a share in a property or force a party to sell a property we can provide you with expert advice.

Mediation is the most popular and well known form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is a formal process where an independent trained mediator helps the parties to investigate ways that they may resolve their dispute without a court hearing. We have assisted many clients to successfully resolve their disputes through mediation.

If you have been let down by a professional and have suffered a loss you may be entitled to damages for professional negligence. You need an expert you can trust to assess your potential claim and help prepare a letter of complaint or claim.


When a person dies, it is a very difficult time for family members who, on top of their bereavement suddenly find themselves having to deal with the administration of their loved ones estate.

We specialise in dealing with the administration of deceased persons estates of all sizes and complexity on behalf of the Executors where there is a Will or Administrators where the deceased did not have a Will. We will look at both the technical complexities and the practical considerations of each case such as securing the house and assets, arranging valuations of the property or personal belongings and in some cases arrange the funeral. We are here to provide support, help and guidance, and to assist you at each stage of the Probate process.

Not all estates require a Grant of Representative, it will depend on how the assets in the estate are held and the value of those assets. We will look at each estate and advice on the most efficient and cost effective way of releasing or transferring the property and assets to the beneficiaries.

As Executors or Administrators you may just want us to complete the Inheritance Tax papers and apply for the Grant of Representation, we are happy to do this for you.

We specialise in overseas estates where the deceased died outside the UK but had assets in the UK and the beneficiaries needed help releasing those assets. We can reseal a commonwealth Grant of Representation or obtaining a UK Grant of Probate to deal with the UK assets.

As the old adage says "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes". At Start Point Law we are here to help and advice on both.


Rebecca Weare and Rebecca Bristow

At Start Point Law we want to move away from the old traditions and offer a forward thinking, professional and affordable legal service.

We do not work on the clock, nor do we have hourly rates or take percentages of the value of the estate. Wherever possible we will agree a fixed fee for all our services.We will listen to you, understand what your needs are, set out what is required and give you a quote as soon as possible, so you know exactly what you will pay without fear of hidden extras.

You will always deal with the same fully qualified professional. We use plain English and we are friendly, approachable and caring. We will update you regularly but you are welcome to call us whenever you have a question or need some advice without fear of spiralling costs.


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